Hi, my name is Olivia, and I'm a Neopets addict.
Hi, Olivia.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Peophins.
My ask is always open, should anyone like to talk.


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Monkey Quest announced yesterday that they are closing the game in September. It looks like Neopets dodged a bullet… if they hadn’t been purchased by JumpStart, they probably would have met a similar fate.

That’s a terrifying thought, but I’m sure neo must be way not profitable than monkey quest was, right? Then again, maybe that’s why they sold it, who knows.

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this is disgusting so like don’t read it if you get grossed out
in fact don’t read it at all it’s gross

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 okay, i’m gonna ask this a little differently this time because i really want thedas on my account
Does anyone have a Pea Chia they would lend me for a bit while I work towards getting lent SUAP?
I don’t know how long it will take, since I’ll have to bounce between work, advertising to be lent, and like… everything else, but they will be in good hands while they stay with me.

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The garbage is full and I’m not strong enough to take it out.

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if a normal aisha already has extremely good hearing with their extra set of ears, then how good is an alien aisha’s hearing


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you guys are so nice that I actually want to cry
I think I like my hair
Probably because you all are amazing
I love you guys

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I got my hair done, complete with a bleach, tone, and cut.
But the cut was a lot shorter than I expected and now I’m panicking.

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I’ve decided that I really want a white Aisha because look at this adorable little shit.

I really love this.

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tfw no nc 

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When you’re trying to google “Dr Sloth” but you’re not specific enough


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